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The Student Association of Physical Education and Kinesiology (SAPEK) is a student run organization made up of physical and health education and kinesiology undergraduate students at McGill University.



SAPEK seeks to promote the academic and social prosperity of the students in the Department of Physical Education and Kinesiology (DPEK). With the help of staff, professors, and other student associations, we foster the academic well-being of students through workshops and professional development opportunities, help students develop meaningful relationships through fun social events, and make sure your undergrad is as rewarding as possible!

Throughout the year, SAPEK organizes various departmental and faculty social events that bring professionals and students together. Some of these include the Kinesiology and Physical Education Career Fair, SAPEK Wine and Cheese, as well as our annual year-end Formal.

Our office is located on the 2nd floor in the Currie Gymnasium building in room 207A.

Feel free to contact us via email ( or through our official FaceBook page.

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