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Healthy Body & Healthy Mind

Mental Health at McGill:

Do you wanna talk? The Peer Support Network is here to listen!

Drop-in, confidential, one-on-one support for all members of the McGill community. Check it out at:


Students in Mind:

An annual student mental health conference at McGill University that engages students in conversation regarding the importance of mental health, tackling personal stigma and encouraging peer accountability. Click here for more information:


McGill Mental Health Services:

Provide a secure, non-judgmental and confidential space in which to pursue your mental health treatment:


McGill Counselling Services:

Provides one-on-one counselling to individuals dealing with a wide range of psychological and emotional issues and academic and vocational challenges: 


McGill Workshops & Groups:

Providing you with a rance of single session and/or multiple session workshops. Range in focus from academic difficulties to life-skills, and ongoing support groups (i.e., exam anxiety, overcoming procrastination, happiness, developing positive body image):


Active Living at McGill:

McGill Athletics and Recreation Center:

McGill Memorial Pool:

McGill Fitness Center:

SSMU Wellness, Athletics and Recreation Clubs:

SSMU Mini-courses:

Healthy McGill: OR 

GoSwim McGill: 

Lower Field Fitness:

Healthy McGill Drop-In Yoga:

Every Friday from 4:35-6:00PM in Room 5001, Brown Student Services Building 


Movement Break Videos:


Active Living in Montreal:

Running/Walking Routes: 

Skating in Old Port:

Rockclimbing Gyms:

Crossfit Gyms: 

Outdoor Rink Locations:






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